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And what more, I lack that sense of belonging, with family roots scattered between Syria, Lebanon, Italy and Egypt. Raised somewhere and boxed someplace else, I feel I need to make a home of own. Not knowing what to really expect while moving quite unlike going on a trip with friends , I made a transit in Barcelona and then went on to take TAP Portugal, the Portuguese airline. Quite helpful, indeed! And so I walked down the endless corridor wondering if I really lost my gadgets and books. A colleague was waiting for me at the airport and took me to my destination.

Surprisingly, the apartment was quite pleasant, indeed.

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Finally a place of my own. Even though a bit far from school, added with the frustration of not understanding the language, it felt like a fresh breath of air. Speaking French makes it easier to learn the language here. You walk down the streets and you see all walks of life.

In early I read a book about a Brazilian couple who had taken a worldwide road trip in Rachel, to my surprise, liked the idea and quickly started to research the places to go. She also drew the route, and more! How did you decide the route? Were you flexible and open to change it on the road or was everything planned from the very beginning?

In March, we may be in South Africa and will then start to drive north until we reach Kenya and then, from there, we will have to ship our car to India and heads to Singapore, crossing South Asia. In terms of the route, we kind of planned everything from the beginning, mostly because we want to estimate the mileage of the whole trip and also the cost. But, although we try to follow the original route we have some flexibility to make small changes.

The important thing here is to respect some deadlines, like if you want to see the animal migrations in Kenya you need to be in the right season, if you want to avoid the raining season in India, you need to respect some dates. So yes, there are some things like that we take in consideration, too. Can you describe your daily routine? This has brought a large, new experience in our trip and life as well. We were not only able to save some money, but also to have a much bigger understand of the local culture through these people.

But, in the normal days, we camp on our roof top tent, make our breakfast while driving to some nice place; spend the day making photos, talking with people, observing the places, and more! Tell us how you pass the time in the car. What type of music do you listen to? Do you have a play list you can tell us about? So yes, we need a lot of patience and also, we take care not to drive at night.

We also always let our parents know where we are, in case we are taken off the track route. We also download many podcasts, and sure, we have almost 10, music tracks. Our musical tastes are very eclectic. What is your daily budget, approximately? We try to be very open when about talking about our costs and expenditures. Our webpage even has a breakdown of how we spend and where we spend it. We do everything we can to try to help future travellers! Also, I would always be able to travel I graduate too.

As someone who has travelled around the world, what would you recommend I do? Congrats on all the hard work and studying that goes into both those choices. As far as travel is concerned, there is no way I could know what is the right next step for you, but I do think that a long-term trip could be easier when you are over 18 with all the legalities of entering and exiting countries and navigating. You could combine the two and get some travel under your belt while still finishing school? Get creative with your options, and then really look at what you think is going to be the best fit for your goals and how you want to be living your life.

Travel is never a bad idea, but that can look like whatever you want it to look like — summers, a long-term trip at 16, or any combination you can think of.

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Best of luck and let me know if I can ever help. Yes, all of the costs in the spreadsheet are logged in local currency, but then on the right column translated into USD. This is really fantastic! So glad you found it helpful! Just let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help, happy travels! Your details are very informative, and thank you for sharing your experience. I am 46 years old, and am considering on quitting my Fashion business for a year so that I can enjoy my travel. As soon as I feel confidence with my photography as am currently learning , I would like to travel as a Photography vacation especially in Southern Africa from Kenya to Cape Town overland , and then to South American countries plus Cuba ……….

That would be an incredible trip, I was in Africa last spring and it was incredible to do that route in reverse, I started in Cape Town. If I can ever help with anything, just let me know. Happy planning. Thank you Shannon. Antarctica needs to be in December or January for full lights and for the warmest weather still cold though. That makes perfect sense and the Great Migration looks incredible, I wish I had timed my own trip to see it.

And with Antarctica too, you have an incredible trip lined up! To Skype home etc? Love your blogs! Congrats on the big trip coming up this year. I think a laptop is good in some situations but not for everyone. Think about what you need to do— will you update a blog, or do you just need photo storage easy in an external hard drive. If you surf the Internet and want to be able to do that, most hostels have free wifi.

Weigh out the pros and cons and then consider if a smartphone would suffice! Honestly, 20K IS a lot. I see your point but I still disagree. I have a friend making 20K doing 30 hours a week of content writing work for an online education company. I grew up in a trailer park, I know that 20K is a lot, but if you can make money online, or have an open mind to jobs you can take overseas, you can likely travel for what amounts to a poverty-level salary here. I can see your point to an extent, especially in Southeast Asia, where I have traveled myself a few times.

But again, that was JUST me, and not my husband. The only way we would possibly save would be accommodation. There are some tricky times on the road when you need to be very aware of your surroundings and take precautions, but in general I have loved traveling solo. It gave me a freedom and an openness to make new friends and really focus on the new cultures, people, and stories.

And to say travelling is worth every cent is just ignorant. Travelling is all I think about, every day and most hours of that day. But I also have to ya know, eat and pay rent. Maybe you were just having a bad day when you wrote this, but you sound like a very angry person. YOU sound ignorant. Honestly i feel the same way. And 20k for traveling around the world for a year is not a lot. Some people make that much a year and struggle everyday. To get to go around the world and do and see so much for a year and only spend 20k is great.

This blog is so awesome and helpful. Take your negative ass somewhere else. Overall, the advice here is awesome and I appreciate it very much. Rather to paint me as negative.

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So be it. I think 20k inclusive of shots, visas, gear, flights, etc. Maybe you can find other alternatives to make your budget smaller. She did it already. Positive thinking. Shake the cramps out your fingers and start writing out a plan. I am so happy to hear that this inspired you, and that you are currently in the planning and final savings stages — what an incredible adventure you have in front of you. And planning and dreaming about it are half of the fun, so I wish you so much luck this year as you align all of your plans for your trip.

Thanks so much! I def will shoot you a message if I get a little flustered. They even bought me a backpack and donated money as a bday present and when we were talking about budgets I referenced you. I am very inspired. Good for you that you can do this- again YOU. Traveling single is so. I have traveled solo enough to say this and will continue to do so as I have more hols time than my husband.

Thank you so much for this. I have one question… what is a puddle jumper flight? Thanks for sharing and safe travels on your next adventure!! Glad you found it useful! Puddle jumpers just refers to smaller flights that jump small distances, sometimes from tiny regional airports and use smaller planes.

Asia has a lot of discount airlines Europe too, though not as cheap that jump between the various cities and help you get around for a lot less than using the major airlines. Good luck planning. Hi my name is sachin and I m from India my dream is to travel whole wor ld meet new people and I m 17 year old I want to go to boania and serbia for 1 month I need you help how much will it cost me? Please help me to see this beautiful world. They also have some good and easy lunches bureks in Bosnia that are cheap and easy as well.

Our Journey through the Famous Corinth Canal! (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 118

All these things add up to making it a lot more affordable than most of Europe. In this budgeting post you can look at my spreadsheet and see what my daily costs were in Bosnia. You can also use sites like Couchsurfing to keep accommodation costs down. Where you gonna travel next? Honestly, I think you should work on overcoming the fear of hostels — these are the best places to meet other travelers your age and the hostels are often the best place to find affordable things to do. Basically, they are the heart of the budget backpacking network around the world.

We are a family of 3, my Husband, my 6 month old daughter and I. What places seemed comfortable enough for a kid to tag along to? I am sure we need a lot of planning. Because you know wise people say YOLO! Hi Rubab — so glad you found the budget and are planning some round the world travels. Almost Fearless traveled with an infant through Asia, and then she had another and continued:. Your child can be as portable as you see fit, so places like Southeast Asia, South America, Europe, all of these are options — they have good tourism networks, some are very budget, and you can see some amazing things along the way.

Most interesting european countries for travelling are missing: France, Germany, Spain and Sweden. I agree those are great countries and I have loved visiting each one of them. On a round the world though, there is compromise between the very expensive countries and the less expensive ones. You could definitely switch those out on yours. Safe travels. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Thanks for sharing your iPhone app link Matias! Hi Shannon, Excellent information!

I keep track of my travel budget as well, with as much detail as possible. It features many reports per category, country, payment method and features that might be useful for other travelers. First of all I just want to say how much I love this website, so thank you! And secondly I have been looking all over the web for an actual breakdown of costs for a RTW trip like this. I have travelled a lot in the past but I am currently saving and planning for a long trip starting late next year, North America for a few weeks then Central and South America will be my main focus after that and possibly back over to Europe and Asia.

I will keep reading through your blogs for any other advice and once again, thank you. In some small way, we hope to help inspire others to get out there and live out their dreams and explore all this awesome world has to offer. Thanks for sharing the video of your journey, I will have a look now. Safe travels :. Im 17 years old and I want to travel too. So I need some advise. I m going to become a game designer and if not then a programmer. I will need to save up for my journey wich will take me years depending my salary. This kind of plan seems realy risky to me because I may end up an unsuccesfull person without anything left since I abandoned my whole normal and comfortable life in order to make my foolish dreams come true.

So to conclude can someone give me some advise about a better plan or how to make one? That seems like a lot of things you are holding as firm truths where there is actually flexibility and unknown in all of that. It may seem certain that this is your path — and it might be! Those are assumptions, not truths. The world and the future are great unknowns. There is every reason to think that you could travel, find synergies and work for some of the largest Asian-based gaming firms in the world just as a matter of making connections on your trip.

That is just as likely to happen as the scenario you laid out. Neither is a more a truth than the other, they are both open possibilities for your future. You are choosing to see one as an obstacle or the only way it could shake down if you travel. The savings part is negotiable as well — I bartended throughout college and managed to save up enough for what would have been a month trip through Southeast Asia, just in a single summer living at home with my parents I instead chose to spend it on 2 months in Europe, but the savings was the same and could have fostered either trip.

Someone said that the only thing that gets between yourself and your goal is the obstacles that you put there by yourself. Thank you for reminding me that. Hi there, Sorry to jump into the discussion! You can of course create your own video games or be a consultant, which you can do from anywhere in the world. Thanks for this : Will be coming back for more tips! Your budget definitely sounds doable, especially if you are sticking to just a couple regions, like Latin America — that will cut down on the expensive plane flights between places.

I worry about the safety hazards involved when traveling alone as a female. Did you run into any trouble that could of been avoided had you been with someone? Have you also got any places that you would recommend visiting that you particularly enjoyed? For solo travelers, I recommend Southeast Asia as an easy and very safe region to travel within with a large and developed network of backpackers to make friends with.

Thanks for the amazing budget spreadsheet! No Africa, no pyramids, no wildlife preserves, no Maldives nor Madascagar? So this was actually a doable budget for most anyone willing to stay in budget accommodation and go slowly, plane flights are the priciest part of travel.

Why was Cambodia so expensive? Did you go to Vietnam and malaysia? I volunteered there for a bit, and that could have added some. Plus Angkor Wat is not cheap to buy the three day pass. I have traveled through Malaysia and I have friends living in Vietnam — these costs will be similar to what I experienced and somewhere between the Laos and Cambodian expenses. Malaysia a bit more expensive, and Vietnam about the same. Safe travels! Definitely saving up! Let me know if I can ever help with advice! I stayed with friends that I had met earlier in the trip, there were a bunch of Scots on the road so it made that country heaps cheaper, and heaps more fun too!!

My best friend and I are planning a RTW trip, and this helps so much. You give so much good advice and show that it really is possible. So glad you found the information useful! I am in the beginning stages of thinking about ATW, and this information will be extremely helpful. Thank you! So glad you found it handy Dana! And if there is ever anything I can do to help you plan, just shoot me an email. I am leaving in January next year and this article will be helping me prepare for my trip.

I want to know where will I lead my career. I mean to ask that can I make money through adventures and travels after I return back home. I am so glad you found it helpful! The amounts are a bit out of date, but it is an accurate assessment of the rough costs at least.

For working on the road, I have a big section of the site that has ideas for that very conundrum! I was getting burned out by the time I got to Czech, so I found a nice place to stay and hunkered down for a bit. Then, I booked my flights on the wrong day out of Prague and extended my stay by another couple days on accident!

Always something! This concept is very interesting, you have added in this concept travel budget. Thanks to given to this info. Hi Shannon. Thanks for all of the information you shared on your blog. I would like to know approximately what percentage of your budget you had saved a head of time, and how much of that was covered by your work while on the road.

It is really heartening to hear you say that Renata, thank you! I had about 45 percent of my budget saved ahead of time. But I also had a guaranteed client for the rest of the money I still work for the company even , so in that way I left very sure of my work and travel. Two-three years out should hopefully be a good long time so you can save up and have a nice cushion if you also plan to work as you travel. Good luck planning and keep in touch! Travel needs funds and your information is really very helpful for us.

Keep them coming! This is so helpful. What a wealth of information she packed into that page!!! So grateful you shared : Thank you so very much! How you manage this. You have explain this in this. Well written article. I really appreciate your writing skills. Its great. You have done a good job by sharing this post with us. I would like to read your more updates. Keep in touch with us in future too. Not as expensive as one would think. What resources did you use to book your RTW plane tickets? Kayak, Travelocity, STA, etc…? Also, if I was booking a one-way to a nearby country say Thailand to India I checked some of the discount airlines!

Hope that helps, happy planning :. Hey Shannon, Thanks so much for sharing this! But, like you said, using spreadsheets and keeping an overall idea of spendings is a great way to keep it under control. So glad the budget has helped — definitely keep track of your expenses and move slowly, those are the two biggest ways to keep it all in check. Transportation adds up and gets stressful so if you can find more budget friendly destinations and stay for a week there, then a few days in the more expensive ones it should help!

Best of luck and safe travels :. WHERE did you find such cheap flights? Hi Rebecca! Cheap flights are the golden nugget, and they are hard to find, but I use a couple different options:. This is insanely inspiring. Gosh, really freakin cool! I will do something like this for my trip.

Thanks for your openness too! Hi, just wondering how central america added up? Then food is cheap if you eat local foods. What I found in Central America is that you can spend more if you choose to upgrade — ie. So, that being said, you can go uber cheap and affordably upgrade when you need a bit of extra comfort : Hope that helps. Email me if you have some specific questions I can help out with!

You are most welcome Mike! Glad that you're finding it handy :- If you ever have any questions as you prep for your trip don't hesitate to shoot me an email! Cheers and happy planning I am in awe of this spreadsheet. I am leaving in October for a RTW trip and this will be most helpful. You've also given me budget ideas because you traveled to a lot of the same countries I'm planning to visit. Hi Shannon, Thanks for sharing your experience and all this info. I just found your site a couple of days ago and I intend to read it all. Me and my husband decided this year to take our own RTW trip and the amount of things I have in my to do list is quite overwhelming the plan is to leave in June.

Sites like yours help a lot and cut on the research time. At this point my two major concerns are: 1. Do we have enough money to follow through? What I am going to say that work and what is going to be of my career after that? I am 30, so so it is not like I am only 20 or I am high up already and a couple of months will not make a difference, but well… If it is hard now to take the time, I am sure it will just get harder with time, as responsibilities growth at an unfair pace.

Do you think that is enough? I was looking at RTW ticket and I am wondering if it is worthwhile. It is more than I first hoped for and reading your blog I am tempted to do the acquisition on my own as you did. My only concern is that flight tickets seem to be a big cost in my budget and I am afraid that not getting deals during the trip may have an impact difficult to predict at this point on our budget. Any thoughts? Did you change date or destinations based on the best deal you could get on flights?

Again, thanks for all the information here. I can get all budget travel details in this blog and additional info about it.. I have been looking for a blog like this for past many months.. The points mentioned in this article are valid.. Budget Travel Blog. Wow Shannon, I can't believe how meticulous you were, great stuff — very interesting. I went around the world on a tiny budget last year but took a different approach which was to see if I could actually make some money along the way as I could never keep a grip on it like you have here.

So I ebayed and gumtreed, worked, traded and a few other little tricks en route. Thanks Stephen! Tracking it became a game after a while — I really wanted to have an accurate picture of how much it cost to do my 11 month trip! It must have been really neat to find those working opportunities on the road — I did freelance work, but nothing like the big push you were doing! Cheers and good luck adjusting now that you're back home Your daily budgets sound spot on — congrats and let me know if you are going to blog about it along the way!

That sounds fab. I'm spending 3 months in SAmerica and 5 weeks each in Aus inc 1 week with family so lots of free stuff and NZ. Fiji is 2 weeks but this is set price as we're staying with a tribe. Well, it sounds like you will be going pretty budget — and camping out in NZ and Oz will save you a lot- because that's where you're really going to start spending a lot of money — esp if you want to drink a bit more…booze in Oz wasn't cheap. SEA is really quite cheap, but the others not so much.

My initial thought is that a full 12 months on that budget for two people will be incredibly tight. Im assuming all of the upfront costs include plane tickets. Hope any of these thoughts help! I think it's doable if you travel slowly and thus cut down on excessive land transportation costs :- Have an amazing trip and keep me posted on how it goes, when do you leave? I just came across your site — fantastic.

In 19 weeks i'm going RTW with my partner for 12 months. Obviously you were in slightly different places but off the top of your head do you think we can do this? We'll be staying in dorms where possible and have a tent for NZ and some parts of Aus.

I want to travel the world, for the rest of my life.

Would like to spend more on drink than you but won't be breaking the bank with sky diving or anything. I daresay if you went much cheaper though you wouldn't have had such a great time — you can only go so budget before you start missing out on major sites and activities! Quite impressed with your figures, sounds like you found a nice balance! I could easily do it for cheaper if I tried again, but someone else will have to foot the bill for that. It just adds up so quickly in Europe, yikes!

Glad that you're like me on the expense tracking — I agree with you, once I was in the habit of jotting it down, it was a cinch to keep meticulous notes :- ditto on the drinking too — I do drink, but not all of the time and certainly dont need it to have fun For the people that think this is such a huge hassle, it's really not. I had my trusty Moleskine in my pocket at all times, so any time I spent any money I would just open it up and write it down. And booze is the easiest way to blow all your money, especially in Europe. Luckily, I don't drink, and it didn't and doesn't deter from me having fun at all.

I feel kind of bad for those that can't do one without the other. I'm loving your site, you're just as meticulous as I am so I'm getting a lot out of it. Feel free to use the information, if there is a place to add credit or link back to this post though that would be great. Many thanks and best of luck on your new project, I know that estimating and calculating costs is a really important of planning a RTW trip!

I have to agree with you! I went rafting on the Soca, and the color of the water was just incredible — then hiking through the forests and wine country, the country has definite potential and I'm surprised that so many people haven't even heard of it! You've kept a really impressive budget! Sounds like a great trip. My husband and I just got back from our year long RTW trip and decided to start a website to help others. I was wondering if you'd mind if we used some of your data to help generate our estimates?

Aaahhh, I travelled to Slovenia pre-Euro and that is probably what made it a fair bit cheaper. It was one of my favourite places in Europe with its wonderful mountains, rivers, caves and history. It's true on the activities — I did a rafting tour in the country that bumped it up a bit. But really though, with it on the Euro, it's not cheap in the least, pretty much like France and Italy, which surprised me too Such great detail. Some surprise me a little — Slovenia was the second most expensive, but I guess all these things depends on what you did in each country and if you managed to couchsurf etc.

Great summary. Wow, I'm impressed. Really, blown away by that figure. I had no idea you could travel RTW on such a small budget.

Nice to know it's within reach. Wow, that Daytum site is amazing — I loved looking through your expenses all laid out like that! It's interesting how that logs the data for you, I'll have to consider it for my next trip :- Thanks for tip! Loved this Shannon! We're keeping notes down to the penny and using Daytum to keep track — it can send our heads spinning sometimes, though!

I really liked the daily costs per country here, I think that's invaluable to backpackers! Oh, and I SO have the same problem with Twitter some days, man, talk about addicting! Talk about Details! We were there almost two months. Moving to Chiang Mai next year. I see you spent 3 days there so if you fancy to return to Thailand, count on us in Chiang Mai! Thanks so much for sharing this.. Thank you so much for doing this! I'm planning to start a solo trip in May I found your country-by-country expenses super helpful.

And now, 5 years later, I feel it more than ever:

It gives me better sense of the amount of time I think I can afford to stay in each place. I wanted to access your blank, formatted spreadsheet to log my own RTW budget but it doesn't seem to be working. Can you check on this for me? Italy was the most expensive, but I did that knowing I was going to let it be.

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I studied abroad there for a bit a few years ago and just love the food and wine. When I went back, I told myself, no budgeting! I just really wanted to enjoy my time. I'll be interested in seeing your own budget and not breaking the bank is always heartening — I broke my bank account a bit with the rental car in Ireland ;-. RTW trips are definitely more affordable that what people think and if you are willing to let go to that new plasma TV or new car I am pretty sure anybody can do it.

Shannon, I can see Italy was the most expensive place you have been but I hope it worth, nice food isn't? Very impressive. I think we're going to blow your Australia budget because we definitely spent a lot in that country. But, New Zealand has been a lot cheaper. Likely true, I was a little conservative in Oz trying to get used to the whole solo travel thing, I think if I had it to do over again I would have blown a tad more ;- I'm jealous of your outback picks — it rained all 4 days I was there if you can even believe it!

I like a little clean at least! You're most welcome! That's not too bad. My boyfriend and I wanted to keep a budget of under 20k per year once we embark on our travels. It looks like that might be possible. Thanks for all the details! I'll definitely refer back to it when I get closer to leaving. I look forward to following your travels when you guys set off! Oh man, I have to tell you that I am all giddy inside finding your website, and this page in particular. My husband and I are planning our trip now and are expecting to leave in January. Your website is providing a lot of inspiration and I see many similarities between our trips already.

You are most welcome and I am so glad that you found the budget helpful! Let me know if you can't find the downloadable spreadsheet, I posted it about a week ago! Don't hesitate to shoot me an email if I can help in any way