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Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikiquote. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Trade paperback cover of The Long Way Home. Horror [1]. Scooby Gang. Joss Whedon Brian K. Georges Jeanty Karl Moline. Dave Stewart Michelle Madsen. Buffy Summers leads a squad of Slayers in Scotland with the help of her friend Xander Harris and her sister-turned-giant Dawn.

Meanwhile, a government installation investigates the demolished town of Sunnydale. The government recruits Amy Madison as their operative to dispatch Buffy. She travels to Scotland, unleashes an army of zombies on the castle, and binds Buffy in a sleep that can only be broken by a true love's kiss. Still bound in a sleep, Buffy explores her dreamspace with Ethan Rayne. Willow Rosenberg comes to the Slayers' aid in a battle against Amy and her army of zombies. Amy kidnaps Willow and presents her to a skinless Warren Mears.

Xander and some practicing witches attempt to create a portal to send Buffy and Satsu to Willow's rescue. Penciller: Paul Lee. Writer: Brian K. Meanwhile, in Scotland, Buffy admits to Xander her worry of "Twilight". Faith infiltrates Lady Genevieve Savidge's estate only to discover an amicable connection with her.

Willow questions Dawn on her newly giant stature.

Faith finds herself torn when Lady Genevieve reveals her plan to kill Buffy. Matters get worse, when Genevieve's mentor Roden kidnaps Buffy and brings her face to face with Faith. Faith and Lady Genevieve engage in battle to the death. Buffy and Giles' relationship is further strained when she questions him about Faith's mission. Meanwhile, a mysterious character named Twilight meets with a U. A Minder named Robin welcomes Buffy and Willow to Tichajt who presents to them the past, present, and future, revealing kept secrets between the best friends.

Dawn embarrassingly reveals to Xander that she did not sleep with her boyfriend like most suspect, but instead slept with his college roommate.

Angel in Spikes - The Werewolf Saga

Buffy invites Satsu to dust a group of vampires at a graveyard. There, Buffy declares to her that she knows Satsu planted the true love's kiss on her when she was bound in sleep. Suddenly, Twilight attacks both of the girls and introduces to Buffy his malicious plan to destroy all of the Slayers. In need for assistance to defeat the vampires, Xander seeks an old friend, Dracula. When confronted by Xander about the Japanese vampires, Dracula realizes the group has stolen his unique powers, and commits to help out of pride.

Meanwhile, Buffy is preparing an all-out assault against the vampires, who have been spotted in Tokyo by the slayer Aiko. The vampires spot Aiko's surveillance and set an ambush: the female vampire Kumiko uses the Scythe to magically revert Aiko into a regular, helpless girl, and the vampire leader Toru then kills her. Buffy and her team arrive in Japan to find Aiko's corpse strung up with a welcome message written in her blood.

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Dracula sends Willow to perform the spell to destroy the vampires' special powers. No longer invincible, the Slayers charge and attack all of the vampires. Dawn is confronted by a mecha version of herself. In Scotland, Dawn transforms into a centaur and the castle is hit by a rocket sent by Amy and Warren. After a shaky introduction, Buffy and Fray must join forces in order to discover the purpose of their meeting.

Elsewhere in Haddyn, Fray's twin brother vampire Harth has teamed up with Dark Willow to affect time. Xander and Dawn escape from the siege and enter deep in the forest, only to then encounter mystical tree creatures. In the future, Dark Willow convinces Fray to immobilize Buffy in order to save the world. When a portal temporarily opens between the timelines, Buffy rushes to get back to the present. However, Dark Willow and Fray will make sure she does otherwise. Meanwhile, in the present, Riley Finn shows allegiance to Twilight.

Buffy wakes up and finds herself back in her year-old body, conflicted with her Slayer duties when Cordelia Chase hosts a house party.

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Writer: Jane Espenson. Harmony sets a contract with MTV to produce a reality television show, presenting vampires as helpless victims. Writer: Steven S. When Kennedy is sent to Japan to evaluate Satsu's efforts as team leader, they are taken by surprise by some fierce furry creatures who want to do nothing more than destroy Buffy. Writer: Drew Z. Buffy and Andrew embark on a trip to take down the rogue slayer Simone while the rest of the world still feels hatred toward the slayer population.

Faith and Giles encounter a runaway Slayer named Courtney. The three investigate The Slayer Sanctuary and its tie to the town of Hanselstadt. Buffy will finally have to take action regarding her little sister when Dawn's mysterious disappearance makes it a priority. Old friends such as Faith, Andrew, and Satsu are forced to return to Buffy's HQ, who are much the same as them under siege from Twilight's forces, humans and demons.

Defenses fall as the Scottish castle comes under attack. The group learns Twilight is able to track them through their use of magic, forcing the team to retreat to Tibet to learn how to suppress magic from Oz.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight - Wikipedia

Upon arriving in Tibet, the group is filled in on what has happened to Oz since season 4 when he departed Sunnydale. Also, Twilight uses every technological and mystical way to locate the Slayers since they mysteriously vanished from his radar. Buffy and her group of Slayers use hard labor and meditation to suppress their inherent magic in order to remain hidden from Twilight. Meanwhile, Andrew uses his videocamera to seek out and expose a spy amongst them—but it may be too late. Having been discovered by Twilight and his army, the Slayer Organization prepare to do battle with human weapons in order to survive to fight another day.

The epic battle between the Slayers and Twilight's armies comes to a halt when three giant Goddesses rise from the ground and rain destruction on them. Buffy admits her attraction to Xander and reveals she's inexplicably inherited superpowers that can defeat the Goddesses. Buffy and Xander test the limits of her new superpowers; Willow suspects they originate from the dead Slayers.

Buffy discovers that Twilight is in fact her ex-boyfriend, Angel. Giles begins to explain the prophecy. Sorcerer - Simon Darkest Powers. Justine saulnier I love that series so much I'm about half way through clockwork prince but my kobo died so I'm going to have to charge it when I get off work tonight Jan 04, AM. Add a reference: Book Author. Search for a book to add a reference. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. Only flag comments that clearly need our attention. As a general rule we do not censor any content on the site. The only content we will consider removing is spam, slanderous attacks on other members, or extremely offensive content eg.

We will not remove any content for bad language alone, or being critical of a particular book. Welcome back. Until next time. Words: 15, Published: September 18, Paul Rice is a physician and brilliant biochemist who spends most of his life in experiments that would release his female alter ego. Then, once he's certain that he had found the right formula, he injects himself with the serum.

Unlike with Dr. Jekyll's, his creation isn't a monster but a beautiful young woman who, pleasing him greatly, replaces his physical and mental being. Words: 30, Published: September 13, When a Marine officer is bitten by a vampire he manages to kill it, but the vampiric virus he'd been injected with turns him into a Hybrid.

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    Despite his open threats he is discounted as a nutcase.

    Angels in Spikes, no. 2

    Words: 93, Published: October 29, After millions of years of existing without evolving as most other earth creatures did, a protoplasmic creature, the last of its kind, becomes a symbiotic part of a primate. Acquiring an ability to move from host to host, it survives for thousands of years as an observer until it attains Robin Bender as its newest host. It quickly decides to merge with him and become an integral part of his life.