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Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica

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Thank you for your interest in Charity Navigator and Informed Giving. As seen on. NTEE Code. NTEE Classification. NTEE Type. The presiding, and currently only, bishop of the church is Most Rev. Stephan A. Hoeller , a leading exponent of Gnosticism as living religious practice [16] , a professor of comparative religions [17] [18] , and scholar who has written and lectured extensively on Gnosticism , Jungian psychology, and esoteric subjects. Stephen Marshall , and Oslo, Norway V. Each parish has a priest in charge, the pastor or rector.

The scope of the organization is best described as a liturgical orthopraxy , the organization being focused on correct practice of the liturgical services offered by the church.

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Participation and communion are open to all , regardless of creed. Holy orders are considered one of the seven sacraments practiced by the church. Clergy are of both major and minor holy orders. The five minor orders are: cleric , doorkeeper , reader , Exorcist , and Acolyte. The major orders are: subdeacon , deacon , priest , and bishop. Formation of priests is generally over seven or more years.

Ecclesia Gnostica Alba

All levels of holy orders are open to both male and female; married, divorced, and single; and both gay and straight candidates. Clergy are self-sustaining, not receiving a salary from the church. The Gnostic Society , is a secular organization for the study of gnosticism founded in and incorporated in by James Morgan Pryse.

The Ecclesia Gnostica is a liturgical orthopraxy rather than an orthodoxy. Liturgical practice is central to the existence of the church. The church does not proselytize.

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There is not an exclusive claim of salvation ; salvation is not dependent on participation in the church. Salvation is also understood differently from salvation in mainstream Christianity : salvation is achieved through Gnosis , described as "an inner 'knowingness,' a change of consciousness. Gnosticism is grounded in the experience of Gnosis, which is the salvific and revelatory experience of transcendence. The experience of Gnosis receives expression in the Gnostic Mythos which allows the Gnostic to amplify and assimilate the experience of Gnosis and also makes further experience of Gnosis possible.

The aim of instruction is not just one variety of the Gnostic Mythos, but the entire heritage of the Gnostic tradition, which includes: primary sources such as the Nag Hammadi scriptures , with consideration of the less reliable accounts and recensions of teachings found in heresiological texts, the Hermetic writings , and the teachings of the Prophet Mani. While recognizing the very pluralistic and creative elements of ancient Gnostic teachings they are seen as embracing a set of common assumptions which form the core of the Gnostic tradition.

The "brief and inadequate outline" of this core given by bishop Hoeller [32] is further summarized below:. The church does not require the acceptance these teachings as a matter of belief. Yet states, "it is obvious that these teachings represent the distinctive contribution of the Gnostic tradition to religious thought and persons functioning within the tradition would find themselves in general agreement with them.

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Ecclesia Gnostica services consist of different liturgical celebrations usually based on traditional Western forms of Christian liturgy. Like ancient Gnostic groups, the Ecclesia Gnostica blends several disparate traditions. The service contains the Post-Eucharistic Benediction, "The peace of God which passeth all understanding, go with you. There is a power that makes all things new: It lives and moves in those who know the Self as one. May that peace brood over you, that Power uplift you into the Light, may It keep your hearts and minds in the knowledge and Love of God, and of His Son, our Lord the Christ.

The Ecclesia Gnostica recognizes five initiatory sacraments as listed in the Gospel of Philip : Baptism , Chrism or Confirmation , Eucharist , Redemption sacrament and Bride-Chamber , with the additional two sustaining sacraments of Holy Orders and Anointing of the Sick. The sacraments of Penance and Matrimony are considered to be secondary sacraments having been substituted for those of Redemption and Bride-Chamber. The initiatory sacraments of Baptism and Chrism or Confirmation and the two sustaining sacraments are offered by the church. In addition to the forms of liturgical service in the tradition of the Christian church, there is also the devotional service to the Holy Sophia that is unique to the rite of the Ecclesia Gnostica.

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